Bienville Technology, LLC
P.O. Box 9518
Mobile, Alabama 36691
Phone: 251.445.4430


October 28, 2013

Please be aware someone on the internet has purchased the domain name and is using an e-mail address of to post fraudulant jobs on CraigsList. I have received many calls from accress the U.S. regarding these fraudulent postings.

Bienville Technology, LLC suspended business operations on December 31, 2011. Bienville Technology, LLC is not active seeking new employees nor do we have any plans to open any new offices. All postings from any e-mail address should be treated as suspecious and possibly fraudulent. If you have responded to any add on CraigsList for Bienville Technology, LLC I urge you not to submit any personal information and to report the post to CraigsList as suspicuous.


Matthew Miller
Managing Member

Matthew Miller & Associates